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On Saturday I went to a gig in Dunfermline. It was a good one with Martin from De Rosa who played the guitar and sung first on, then it was a band called Angil and The Hiddentracks and they were pretty good,  the last one was called Lord Cut Glass and they were pretty good as well. In the end the music was great and it was a good time going to it.

Well thats it today and I hope you have some good days. Until next time, see ya


Chris Hoy

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On Saturday I was at my cycling club and Chris Hoy came to it and helped people with their cycling. It was a really good morning and as you can see from the picture below that’s me getting help from Chris Hoy at starting on the track bike. I even got a poster with Chris’s signature on it. It was cool having someone with 4 gold medals come over and help us.

Well that’s it for today and until next time, see

Star Trek, The Movie

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On Friday I went to see Star Trek with my Dad. It was a really good movie and there was some funny bits in it as well. If I was marking the movie I would give it a 9 out of 10. It had better fights then Star Trek on the TV and it was very exiting all through the film. Everything was better than on the TV. I have seen some of the Tv episodes on Sky so that’s how I know this even though I’m 12 years old! I would tell everyone  “it was really good film and you should watch it.”

Until the next time when I tell you who I have met recently, see ya!

Raith have won the 2nd Divison!!!!!

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hampdenYesterday I was at Hampden Park watching Raith Rovers take on Queens Park. Straight away Raith Rovers scored and I was still in the line to get some chips and a drink! It was also the longest match without having extra time as it felt like 10 minutes Injury time. After a bit, it was like a half Football half Rugby match near the end! A Queens Park player got a red card. At the end all the Raith suporters were listening on what the score was of the Ayr United was and it was 1-1. Every Raith suporter went crazy and the players were probably happy.Go onto this link to see the full match report at

Photo by Jim Foy

Monster Vs Alien Movie

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On the 15 of April I went to see Monsters V Aliens The Movie in 3D. It was an ok movie and at bits it was very funny. I have seen some better movies but if I had to mark it, it would have been a 5/10 for me. To admit it Madagascar 2 was better than Monsters V s Aliens and even though Madagascar wasn’t in 3D!

Well thats about it for this post. If you comment about this post then give a mark out of 10 for the movie.  Until next time, see ya.

Warhammer40k Battle Report 1, Space Marines Vs Orks

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Will the Space Marines survive against the Orks?

Hi everyone and welcome to the First Battle Report of Space Marines Vs Orks. In the first  Battle Report I’ll say what the Army’s are and saying who won the battle. I had the Space Marines and my bro. controlled the orks. My Dad was there to make sure that we went by the rules correctly . Here is the troops used in our armies,

Space Marines                                                    Orks

Space Marine Captain                                       Big Mek with Shokk attack gun

Space Marines Combat  Squad                    10  Ork Boyz

Space Marine Scout Squad                             3 Deffkopta

In one of the turns my bro tried to shoot his shokk attack gun but it ended up blowing up on his Mek and sending him into the warp! The battle ended on the last turn, my bro had a ‘ard boy left from his WHOLE Army and had no guns, my Space Marines had 3 space marines 1 seargent and my Captain left, the captain came out of the squad and got charged by the ‘ard boy. Before the ‘ard boy never stood chance, got kicked to the ground and shot by the Plasma Pistol and ended the game. 

Space Marine Captain Master Chief and his allies

Space Marine Captain Master Chief and his remaining Marines

De Rosa Gig

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Me and De Rosa

Me and De Rosa

On the 22nd of March me, my Mum, Dad and bro went to a gig at Anstruther to see De Rosa. The gig was good. They did pretty well at it . I got a picture of the band with me at the gig.

I got a seat near the front so I could see the bands play. First was a guy called Gummi Bako. He was on his own and he some times he’d stopped play to crack a joke and then started up again.

Next was a band called Kid Canaveral. There were 4 people in this band 2 were guys the others were ladies. They played fast songs and didn’t stop in the middle to crack a joke but they were still funny in between. They did do a bit of swearing in the songs but they were still good.This is me watching them underneath.


The third band was called King Creosote. It was just  1 guy and a guitar.

The last band was called De Rosa. I had heard the band before but it was my first time hearing them play live. One of the guys in the band called James  joked that he would take my Nintendo and play Mario Kart DS on it! My favourite song is the Camera song but I also like the first song A Love Economy and Nocturne as well. Flight Recorder is good as well.

Here’s a song that they played last night

In other news I have completed Halo 3 campaign! I am now going through the levels to get all the skulls and I have got 5 of them so far. I shall keep an update on how many skulls I have. Until next time , see ya!